Sunday, October 9, 2011


The following day I am scurrying down East 84th Street. Since I live SO far uptown on the West Side, I don’t really pay attention to how far to the east First Avenue is located – and it is a SOLID 10 minutes to the subway. I am so used to my way way way Uptown West Side life running along Eighth Avenue and being a block from the A train, that I have to set my pace on fire to reach the broker's office on time.

I get to the Broker’s office and wish I was not so disheveled with little beads of sweat running down my back. I am on-time, but the thought of being late makes my inner Type A Desi Girl very displeased. I sit on the couch and a few minutes later, a tall, dark-haired man appears.

“Desi Girl?” he asks and extends his hand. I stand, nod and shake his hand, “Nice to meet you Tony,” I reply. “Like wise, so do you want to see some apartments?” he asks. I grab my bag. Tony is already at the front door, holding it open for me. Wow. Either he has manners or knows client etiquette, either way I like him already. Also, helpful, he came recommended from one of my friends.

“Okay – so we have six weeks before you move out, and everything I show you is available at the first of month, in two weeks – so what I show you, most likely won’t be available for you, because things are moving pretty fast. With that said, there is a lot available because the economy is suffering, okay?” Tony asks. “Yep,” I reply. “Great, but this is good too - I can get an idea about what you like and then I can keep an eye on those apartments for you,” he says and asks me where I am from, where I live, what I like to do.

“Okay, so I need to ask you your income, credit score, what you pay now for rent – I need to know if you need a guarantor or not,” he says. I know the drill, I rented before in Manhattan, so as we walk down First Avenue to 77th Street, in a low voice I recite what I am worth, on paper. He nods. “Okay, your income is a little on the low side, but with that credit rating – you should be okay,” he says.

“Sounds good. Also – I am not paying your fee, the Owner. I want you to show me no-fees,” I reply. He nods. “Sure, I have plenty of those, ready?” he asks and opens the door to the first apartment building.

Yep – I was born ready.


Anonymous said...

Thats where my management co. is ! ... I too had to live in ues .. But for my budget I got a crappy ass studio ... On 2nd ave .... Kinda worth since I am livimg in ues ...

Cant wait for more !


101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Amrisha -

78th and 2nd? Are you in an Orsid/Lemle building?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the UES! How crappy? I hear ya on the budget.

More is coming :)

Desi Girl

Anonymous said...

actualy a paley one im on 70th and 2nd there is constructiin outside and its a walkup ... I just graduated so im ready to start a grown up life now . Not a diff neighborhood but a diff building for sure

3rd floor walk up studio facing second ave with a crappy kitchen ... Bar sink non existent counter and all ... Thats how crappy

~ Amrisha

VIC SEMBI said...

i think you guys should save up and buy something instead of wasting money on rent

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Amrisha -

It is fine - you move into one, and then you upgrade as your finances and career and you get stronger!

And yea - I hear ya - no kitchen for DG either. I have little girl appliances, a 3/4 fridge, a 3/4 stove, you know the kind where if you have two pots, they fight :) and across from the kitchen is the closet, so no cooking unless I want all my clothes to smell like food :) - thank GOD for take away!

Desi Girl

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Vic -

I agree - I waste a sh*t ton of $$$ on rent. But NY aint cheap and Desi Girl is not so good with her money :)

Working on it tho - saving for some sort of DG nest egg :)

Desi Girl