Tuesday, October 25, 2011


“What if he kills me,” I say into the phone. Partially with drama, partially serious. Since I have lived in the heights there have been reported, made the local news, murders. Not next door, but you know, 10-15 blocks away. The first week I lived here, when my mother was moving me in, a rapper was killed. Jack and I decided NOT to tell Mom.

“Who?” Desi Brother asks, somewhat distracted, somewhat annoyed. “Rama Rao,” I reply. You cannot be too careful in New York. Why else would Law & Order be a show and have two spin offs? “Who is this?” he asks. “A guy coming to look at my living room furniture. I have six ads on Craigslist,” I say. I hear him sigh, deeply. He is no longer annoyed, bored or distracted. I have his FULL attention.

“What time?” he asks. “In about an hour,” I reply. “Okay, can you please call me once he leaves? I am sure he is nice and everything is fine – but this is YOU we are talking about…” he mutters. “What is that supposed to mean?” I demand. “You are the one who lost her keys in her own purse. You have selective hearing. Under your watch a monitor in the office started smoking, you almost destroyed Mom’s washing machine…Town and Country...do you want me to go on?” he asks.


“Hellooooo?” Desi Brothers says. I hear amusement in his tone. I am the older bossy sibling that he so rarely gets to put into line. “Am I wrong?” he asks. “No,” I finally say. “I didn’t think so,” he says and chuckles. “But in seriousness, call me when he leaves,” Desi Brother says.


Cris said...

You just revealed your borthers name in the post.Just bringing it to your notice.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Cris!

Thanks so much for this - but Jack is my friend, he is with Jane -- they are from earlier posts, Jane and I went to grad school.

Tho now that I go back read the post I see how you read that and that needs an edit!

Thanks for you eagle eye!

More soon!
Desi Girl