Monday, October 31, 2011


I walk around the almost empty apartment for a few minutes. There is miscellaneous stuff still to move. The food in the fridge. I have my tax papers and financials still stowed in the closet. Oh, and I dropped off my dry cleaning that still needs to be picked up at a later date. And the apartment needs a final cleaning - yes, I have a few trips left to make, but ... WOW. It strikes me. I lived here for three years. That is a lot of days for a lot things to happen to me.  Mostly all good – a little bit of heartbreak.

I cooked dinner for Reindeer three times. Had a few get togethers where Jane mixed some SUPER strong drinks and got all my guests drunk. Didn’t eat enough sushi at Sushi Yu 2 – definitely someplace I will miss. Won’t make any more Target runs. Fort Tryon Park – ah, that I will miss.

I take one more pass through the four rooms I called home and shut and lock the door to the old and leave to embrace the new.

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