Monday, October 31, 2011


Fifty-two minutes, when I get to the new apartment off of 1st Avenue, the movers are already there. And they have unpacked the entire truck and all of my belongings are lined up along the sidewalk. I unlock the front doors and they swing into action. With stealth speed my boxes and belongings begin the ascent to the 4th floor walk-up apartment facing south. After three years of no direct sunlight, I am read for the sun to beat against my window every morning.

I somehow squeeze my way into my apartment and walk in awe as the small 312 square space fills with boxes and boxes. Is all this stuff really mine? And if so, where oh where will I stow it all? In order to avoid dealing with my pack rat ways, I work with the movers to set up the bed and then direct them on where I want the other furniture to go. 

I open the closet and begin unpacking the wardrobe box that the movers nicely set in the hallway. One hanger after another the closet slowly beings to fill. “Microwave on the fridge Miss?” I hear someone ask. I have been in a knee deep zone in the closet that I have forgotten these poor men are lugging all my crap up four flights of stairs. “Excuse me?” I hear again. I spin around, arms will with hangers and smack into one of the movers holding the microwave.  I knock some of the balance out of him. Luckily he moves other people’s shit around for a living and bounces back and pops the microwave onto the top of the fridge. “Hope that’s where you wanted that,” he says and chuckles.  We’re standing very close and he flirts with his eyes and his face.  I start to step away but he kind of pins me in the corner. His cologne (not all overpowering) has started to mix with his sweat, which makes him smell musky.

Of all the movers he is the most attractive, probably has a girlfriend or two, a complete “playa” who clearly spends all day flirting with the girls he moves. He has actually been smiling at me all morning and catching my eye. I presume it was me being sleep deprived but I have to say, even if he does this with “all the ladies”, it is an ego boost, while clad in sweat pants, baggy tee shirt, hair in a ponytail/bun mix and no make-up, to have anyone flirt with you.

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