Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When I finally find my phone I see that there are two missed text messages.

Town and Country: How was the move?
Two hours later:
Town and Country: Hello?

He is rather funny sometimes. I mean, he goes days, weeks, MONTHS, without speaking to me and then suddenly, heaven forbid it if I don’t respond immediately.

Desi Girl: Hey! Move was fine, without event. Sorry for the delay I was busy unpacking and forgot about time. When did night fall?
Town and Country:  Night? When did the monsoon start?
Desi Girl: What monsoon?
Town and Country: Look out the window.

I move across the small space and go to the window and notice that it is speckled with rain. I cannot even hear it fall with all the traffic noise off of 1st Avenue.

Desi Girl: Oh wow.
Town and Country: Tell me about it. I am soaked.

Must be honest, the image of him in his clothes clinging to his body is pretty Bollywood movie sexy. But I am trying really had to (a) get over him and (b) be friends like he has told me we will be. And (c) how is it, someone with THAT much money is soaked.

Desi Girl: Umbrella? Don’t you have one of those?
Town and Country: Yes, I have 25 of them. At home.
Desi Girl: Where are you?
Town and Country: Boston.

For some reason, some type of pang shoots through me. I know this is not a good sign. I know he is not my boyfriend. I know he travels for work. I know he does not need to run his travel plans by me. Yet, something hurts knowing he lives a life that has nothing to do with me. I know this is irrational. I know I need to get over this before I get sucked in too deep and never get out from under my irrational feelings for him. This whole push-pull thing we have going on, I know this is what keeps me from moving on and meeting a real potential relationship.

Town and Country: It is wetter in Boston than NYC.
Desi Girl: I only have 2 umbrellas. When mine break I will take yours.
Town and Country: Sure. Have as many as you want. Glad you are in. Talk to you later.

Romantically, because of this man, I am screwed.

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