Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I have taken my laptop to Starbucks to check email. I cannot believe how much of a connected to the world freak I am. In the less than 24 hours that I have been living without hook up to the TV, phone and Internet I feel disconnected and wonder what everyone is doing. Good GOD, what we did we do before Facebook and email?!

I log into my email and there is a note.

Town and Country: Came across this. Found it interesting. Take a look.

Won’t lie – I am totally curious, so I click on the link and read the article. I finish reading and am annoyed. Is this his passive-aggressive way of suggesting we be friends with benefits. That perhaps he can have his cake and eat it too. Which is fine, it’s his choice on how he wants to live and who he wants to date, or more like, who he wants to do. My issue is, let’s say I lose my marbles and agree to a sex-relationship with him. I highly doubt he is offering anything emotionally substantive.

And I highly doubt he is going to be okay with this going both ways. I mean really, is he going to be okay  that I have multiple partners? Given this guy, I REALLY don’t think he would be okay with “sharing”. But I am SURE he thinks I should be okay with sharing – however, and I am a Scorpio – we’re not known for sharing what we lust after.

Email from Desi Girl: So what did you think?
Email from Town and Country: I agreed with the entire thing.

Of course he did.

And now that I finally have internet, is this REALLY how I am going to spend the day? Emailing him about why I think monogamy works while he justifies why he plans to bang everything that moves? I kinda wish I had not ventured out looking for Internet.


Anonymous said...

Interesting... You removed the bit where you inadvertently revealed your brother's name is Jack. Something tells me you're not an Indian woman, least of all a Hindu. Goes overall with your theme of how hard it is to find a husband, the subtle digs at your suitors and trying to play on the insecurities of Hindu women.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Anonymous ---

WHOA!!! Jack is my friend, not my brother. Jack and Jane, remember they are my friends from Minnesota, they live in Inwood. They are that couple I hang out with.

My brother has a desi name and he was almost named Gagan - so sorry, we're Indian. He is not Jack - I realized that there were too many characters in that passage to I thought it easier to just remove reference of someone I had not mentioned in a while.

And I am not playing on any insecurities, I am not like that.

Desi Girl