Friday, November 11, 2011


I wake up from my nap – the next day. The one nice thing about moving is that no one expects you to be handy or available from under the mess and chaos of unpacking your life. So no one expects me to call, email or be working. Working in the office, in a family business was an around the clock endeavor. I didn't vacation much, nor could you take fake sick days. It is rather delicious to rest and lounge instead of scurry and ready for work.

I stretch and flip/flop to the left and to the right and lay on my back. The curtains were never drawn last night so the sun shines down on me.I have to say that I love having a bedroom with south facing light. It is warm and bright. It is such a nice change from that first floor apartment in the back of the building with minimal east light. Light is something you take for granted until you move to New York. With the densely populated buildings, so close together, it is not surprising that we seen our neighbors in the nude. Nor is it surprising that so many apartments are dark, and can be depressing.

I get out of bed and brush my teeth, take a shower and brew some coffee. While my java percolates I check my phone, my only link to the world right now and see messages from Town and Country.

Town and Country: How is unpacking coming?
Town and Country: Just checking to see how you are doing.
Town and Country:  You okay?

I sit cross legged on the bed and text back.

Desi Girl: Yes, fine. Crashed out.
Immediately he writes. Town and Country: How is it going?

There is a huge part of me that wants to whine about how tired I am, and how maddening it was to bring the drycleaning home. My new super has yet to install the deadbolt lock or get me the mailbox key. I also need groceries, more than just the coffee and Diet Coke that have in house. But I am pretty sure he doesn’t care about my stress. And even if he did, there is nothing he can do about it.

Desi Girl: It is coming along.
Town and Country: Great, good to hear. Let me know when you have time to go over some things.
Desi Girl: What works for you?
Town and Country: Tomorrow morning?
Desi Girl: How about 8:30 am?
Town and Country: Perfect. See you then.

There is another part of me that wants him to come see the apartment and then go to a brasserie I stumbled upon the other day. But I stop myself.


Adventurous Ammena said...

girl... dont be so easy with him.. make him wait for you!! I know you need the money, but hes seriously taking advantage of your kind nature :( Dont wanna see you hurting xx

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dearest Adventurous Ammena -

Girl SOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry for the delay in response, for some reason I did not see this note to respond to until now.

I know, I know - resist. And it does hurt. Really badly. :(