Monday, November 14, 2011


The next morning I get up, shower, brew coffee and check the time. It is a little after 6 am in Minnesota. I debate calling my parents. They came back from India yesterday, according to Desi Brother, they were quite jet lagged. But I do want to talk to them before I leave for Town and Country’s.

Hhhmm, they did come back yesterday afternoon, and they get up early, so there is a small part of me that thinks they could be up. I grab the phone and dial.

Dad picks up and this throws me off, since he never picks up the phone unless there is something wrong with Mom. “Hello?” he says. “Dad, where is Mom?” I ask in a rush. “She’s here. And fine, you want to talk to her?” he asks. “No, no,” I say relieved. Dad is NOT NOT NOT a personal phone person. He spends all day at work on the phone that he cannot stand talking on the phone after 5 pm. So there are very few scenarios that I can envision where he would answer the phone at home.

“How is your jet lag?” I ask. “Fine, we’re doing fine,” he replies. “Dare I ask how your khandan is doing?”  Khandan I think translates into something like dynasty and Dad’s family sure could have it’s own television show. Reality show more like. “They are fine. The same. Half of these people don’t like those people – sickening actually,” he mutters. It is times like this I am SO SO SO glad that I did not have to grow up in that demented family dynamic.

“Let me get Mom,” he says. Ten seconds later Mom is on the phone, “hello Beta,” she says. Okay, while Dad sounds perfectly rested, Mom’s voice is heavy with exhaustion and sounds like she has a cold. “So, you don’t sound so good,” I say to her. “Just tired…how did your move go? You moved, no?” she asks. I hear Dad in the background rattling off several follow-up questions.  “Yes, I did,” I reply. “Okay, good – how did it go?” she asks. “Fine,” I reply. “Send me the address later,” she says. “Okay, I have a new phone home number, too,” I am saying as Dad comes back on. “You moved? Congratulations!” he says. “How and when did you do that? That is a big job,” he says reflectively.

Ack. Tell me about it.  “Doesn’t surprise me. When you put your mind to something you just do it,” Dad says.

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