Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I get to Town and Country’s house and ring the bell. I hear him coming towards the door, I presume him to be wearing his black shoes of which he has seven pairs. I get it, he has a 3,000 square foot brownstone in NYC, so he’s got space to put stuff. The other day he told me he had his assistant buy him seven pairs of pants (the same pants, not sure in different colors, but the same pants) from Banana Republic or J. Crew – one of those stores. So there is a part of me that thinks he is an obsessive collector.

While there is nothing wrong with seven pairs of pants – he just seems like he gets an idea in his head and it just sticks and not much can be done to unstick it.

He opens the door smiles and says, “Hello,” he says in that sexy sexy sexy voice.  Ugh. I kinda wish I understood how and why attraction works like this for me. I mean Manhattan is FILLED with men and interestingly enough, women who know how to turn off their feelings. The Manhattan women interest me most particularly. They seem to have this killer instinct and hone in what they want --- which is generally an attractive, tall, Ivy League educated investment banker, of which New York is overflowing with. I don’t mean to judge, but these women seem to want a lifestyle not necessarily love, which is their prerogative.  I just wish I could turn my feelings off in the same way when I meet a man who I clearly am over the moon for. Especially when he clearly is nowhere near the moon with me.  

I mean, do you have to be calculated in romance? Is this why arranged marriages work? Because they start with no emotion, so they are practical and logical from the onset. It is best to be rational, with something irrational like love?

“Are you going to come in?” Town and Country asks, slightly amused. “Where is your head today?” he asks. Now that is indeed a great question.One I should immediately find the answer to.

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