Monday, November 14, 2011


I hang up with my parents, finish drinking coffee and stare into the closet.

Since Town and Country’s house is under construction, I debate what to wear. This time, the debate is for me and not him. I don’t want to ruin my clothes by getting paint or spackle on them. Or getting a nail stuck in my shoe. So I start with footwear. I have cute, slightly outdated stacked loafers, black with white stitching around the toe. But a stacked loafer never really goes out of style. And on the off chance, my shoes are ruined there. It won’t be TOO upsetting. Oh and I hope the stairs are fixed. Walking on slats of wood is REALLY unsettling.

For a moment I pause and wonder if I will run into the contractor while I am there. Which adds another element to attire, because Town and Country said this guy hated women. So I don’t want to appear girly, I want to dress like a professional.

I decide on my Seven for All Mankind jeans, while casual, they are dressy and again – I don’t be totally upset if they are ruined – true they cost more than any pair of pants I have ever purchased, including my work pants – but whatevs. I also have a really cute Ann Taylor cowl necked sweater in a thick cotton blend. I love this stop because I feel feminine. I almost did not buy because it is borderline low-cut because of the cowls. But it is fitted and slimming.

I put on my makeup, wash my dishes and then grab my bag filled with exciting things like a level, measuring tape, sketch pad and pencil box. Okay –off to work I go.

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