Monday, December 12, 2011


He responds a few hours after I send my upbeat, “So did ya get something from me in the mail?” text.

Town and Country: Yes. It came two days ago.

Okaaaaay. It is fine if he hates it. I thought he’d like it. Obama. He’s the liberal. I’m the moderate. And I guess I thought too, that someone acknowledges receipt of package when a friend sends something. I mean have gotten unexpected gifts, but have enough sensitivity to acknowledge receipt. And most things, even if you don’t love them, you can find use for them or re-gift. I guess I would think as businessman who attends high-faluting investor events; he of all people would have social graces.

He texts again: What’s new?
Desi Girl: Nothing.

He sends a few more texts and I respond with one word answers.

Town and Country: What?
Desi Girl: Nothing. (You know what irritates me about this, is that I know, he knows he should have sent a note. I can tell by his light, flirty, pithy texts).
Town and Country: No something. What?

This man has fired an architect and contractor in a two months span. He has told me that he expects his Executive Assistant to be monitoring his flights even late at night and weekends, and that he gets a new assistant every six to eight months because they make mistakes. And I know what he pays them, so to expect them to be at his beck and call is ridiculous. So I feel pretty confident that this is a man who won’t like my true and honest thoughts. But you know what, I am leaving in a few days to spend Christmas with my family, a new year is coming, it is now or never.

This is not about the hat. It has never been about the hat. It is about that fact that I cannot be attracted to him and be friends.  This is not When Harry met Sally, which is kinda what I keep hoping will happen. And I am not the only guilty party here. He is doing his part in this I want to like you, I don’t want to love you, but I don’t know that I want to really let you go. I am not making up this cloak and dagger, Manhattan Man Mambo. He is the one who texts me when his flight lands. He is the one who asks me to talk him off the ledge when the stress is too much for him. He is the one who then goes into hibernation and ignores me. And just when I have moved on, just when I have almost forgotten him, that is when he reappears.

This is about he needs to stop sending me mixed messages. This is about I need to stop accepting the mixed messages.  I don’t want to hear compliments roll off of his tongue. I don’t want to look forward to his texts. If we can’t be friends, then maybe we should be nothing at all.


Adventurous Ammena said...

so what did you do??

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Adventurous Ammena -

Oh honey ... just wait ... I am catching up, one post left for this week ...