Sunday, July 22, 2012


One of the cool things (because there are many) about my volunteer group is that we provide trainings for our members. There are trainings on heart health, how to be an effective volunteer, social media, elder abuse, conflict resolution, and what I am attending today, financial literacy.

I mean really, I should credit myself more, because I don’t have extravagant tastes. I don’t eat out at 5 star restaurants, get spa treatments at the Mandarin Oriental, take resort vacations, and have a car or a mortgage. Yes, it is true, I live in the most expensive American City and rent is my biggest expense. However, I am curious, what else can I cut out? This is why I bought the book “SHOO, Jimmy Choo!” and plan to take copious notes at the training that the author Catey Hill is giving tonight.

I get to the HQs early enough to get a seat in the middle of the room, and save a seat for my friend. We thrifty gals need to stick together.  Laney arrives just before the training begins, which is fine since I have saved her a seat in a much crowded, over-subscribed standing room event tonight.

Both Laney and I are bloggers, she writes about beauty and gets the best swag ever. And I don’t know about her, but I am not financially minded. So while I have done the “easy” things – like cutting out the $4 a day lattes, shopping on sale, cooking more so I can eat in rather than out – I am desirous of knowing what I need to do long term. Like, how much money do I need in savings so I can buy an apartment (GASP!) in NYC (if this is even possible for me)? I want to build retirement savings, have a year’s worth of cash in the bank and buy some long-term care (hello, color me responsible!).

The woman running the financial literacy training introduces Catey to us and lo and behold, she is a pretty, young woman with dark blonde wavy hair. Her book has the best cover (pink) with a woman’s hand dropping a shoe. Catey is funny, witty and even though she must be under 30, her age never deceives her. She is accomplished and polished. And it strikes me that she has done what I want to do. She has written a book about financial literacy, something that she is passionate about, and gotten it published.

Once she is done with her presentation, she opens the floor to questions and answers. After which she is most agreeable to signing our books. I pull Laney out her chair and drag her over to Catey. We wait patiently, until our turns come.

“Hello Catey, I’m Desi Girl. Would you sign my book?” I ask. “Of course,” she replies and smiles. She is very kind, I can tell, so I ask, “would you be willing to meet with me about your writing process? And how you acquired an agent and book deal? I have been writing for years and would love to glean your insight.” I have nothing to lose, I already know the worst thing she can say is “no”. “I would be happy to!” she replies.



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