Thursday, April 22, 2010


After finishing our made-fresh-by-Reindeer-juices we get into the car and leave for Stone Hill Farms. As we head towards the Tappan Zee Bridge, Reindeer explains that it is referred to as the “Tapp”. Since I am an avid viewer of the morning news, including the Road and Rail Report while I wait for the Weather on the 1s, I already know this. But I decide to let him be the man, and act like what he shares is fascinating. Where, oh where, is my Emmy for this performance?

Once off the freeway the drive becomes scenically pastoral and quaint with cows and rolling hills. The pristine view and gentle quiet, the endless grass and sky could be mistaken for central Wisconsin, not 40 minutes away from the largest American city.

We get out of the car and Reindeer directs me to the restaurant, and says, “There is so much to see and do here.” The restaurant is PACKED and sporting a two-hour wait. Just like that I am reminded that we are INDEED in New York! There is a little canteen across the way and we go there for sandwiches. He selects tea, making me seem more Indian, while I opt for Diet Coke, more carbonated, more American. We sit down to eat and suddenly his two profiles pop into my head. 

I set my sandwich aside and say, “Reindeer?” “Yes?” he replies, a little flirty, a little serious tone. “Would you say we are dating?” I ask. He raises a brow at me and says nothing. Shoot, why didn’t I learn how to be subtle? “I ask because, I enjoy seeing you, but we’ve never kissed…” I begin. He continues to sit motionless and then says, “I’m not seeing anyone else, so sure we’re dating.” And what about the kissing? I do like him, but what is going on here? I worry about falling too hard and too fast. And if does no like me back, I have to implement some self-preservation. I wish I just had the ovaries to ask about what really troubles me - the second profile. 

Conversation during the rest of lunch and the car ride is strained. He drops me off at Abby and Patrick’s house for Madeline’s first birthday and ends the date with a hug, no kiss. Even thought I just inquired about this lack of touch. And no, I am not looking for him to be an ODDB (Posts 17 and 16)  but I would like some reassurance that he finds me attractive.

When I arrive at the party, Meera, Rohit and Abby inquire about my date. Meera groans, “His reply is strange! Kick him to the curb,” she says with full-on girl attitude. “Do you think he is a player?” I ask. Rohit and Abby roll their eyes and simultaneously with forcefulness, say, “No!”

Then why do I feel like I am being played?


Erik said...

OK I finally "get" Raindeer. He is a fully developed character out the book "He's Just Not Into You" - I admit I was confused for a while.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Erik ... Yeah I read that book and while it resonated, I also think it blames women. I understand that he's not into me, clearly. I just dont understand how men can turn their feelings on and off like faucets. That has nothing to do with being into or out of interest. He was like a robot!