Monday, June 21, 2010


Full and satisfied, I return home from Sushi Yu II. I hope the restaurant owners don’t realize how well priced their food is. Especially since the Heights eatery options are lean. Out of habit I check my email and find a message from Quan Jock (Post 122, 117).  This seems timely and a sign to dust myself off and get back on the dating bicycle. This unicycle I’ve been riding is getting old.

Email From: Quan Jock
Email To: Desi Girl
Hoping your weekend was nice. Would you like to meet up sometime this week for a cup of coffee? I understand the weather to be very bad tomorrow and Tuesday. But Wednesday should be better, how about 7ish PM? Do let me know your thoughts or give me a buzz in the evening.

Or maybe the reason I’m riding a unicycle is because I am a self-saboteur. I find his email TOTALLY annoying. Bad weather? Sure, I’m from Minnesota, but for the love of God and his cousin Henry, we’re living in a Mid-Atlantic state, in the middle of winter. Put on some damn boots and buy a muffler already. And “give me a buzz”? Can’t he just say “call me back?” See, self-saboteur.

But being a writer and a communicator, I pen this email response:
Email From: Desi Girl
Email To: Quan Jock
My weekend was a little busy but great. How was yours? Coffee sounds perfect for a chilly winter night. Wednesday works. Let's chat and make a plan.

Another thing that annoys me, coffee dates at 7 pm. I get it; men don’t like to always pay for dinner. And no, I have no issue with a coffee date. Sunday afternoons were made for lattes and lemon bars. But dinnertime is not java-time. Of course, I could decline and make another suggestion, but I don’t.

For some reason it takes two days and half a dozen emails for us to plan our date because Quan Jock’s office is in the Financial District and he needs to be close to the PATH train. But I refuse to commute all over Manhattan for a $4 coffee and select a Starbucks in Chelsea. Then immediately email Rohit and Meera.

Email From: Desi Girl
Email To: Rohit; Meera
I have a date in your neighborhood tonight. I am meeting Quan Jock at the Starbucks on 18th and 8th. Perhaps you can walk the dog and take a peek in the window.

Email From: Rohit
Email to: Desi Girl; Meera
I might do that.

And just like that, I have urban desi date stalkers! It's like my own little paparazzi!!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE your paparazzi! Wish I had them. Maybe I would have gone on more dates! Definitely keeps life interesting though :)

Anonymous said...

I’m your biggest fan
I’ll follow you until you love me
Baby there’s no other superstar
You know that I’ll be your

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Anonymous (one) ... I love my paparazzi too! and yes life is interesting with them! Thank GOD! I am lucky to have them!

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Anonymous (two) ... I love your song! And I love that you are the number one fan! It can be all you! Whoever you are you made my day and it was a ROUGH one. SO thanks soe sending some fuel with your kick ass kind words for my soul!

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Anonymous (two) ... ps you are VERY creative, do you have a blog? You should!