Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I like to believe I am cheerfully optimistic. So I like to think that every guy I “meet” on the matrimonial website has the potential to be THE ONE. I am not, however, completely naïve – to some extent looks matter. So when Flyboy accepts interest in me, I immediately ask for a photo.

Flyboy seems to be okay with my request because he shoots a photo to my email account. Flyboy seems to be decent looking, black hair, round cheeks, brown eyes. I shoot him a response and thank him for the snapperoos. He writes back and asks if he can call me. I write back and say sure, here is my mobile, which does happen to have an area code of 612. He writes back and asks if the number is real. I write back and say yes. Then he writes back and asks if I am sure that the number is real. I pause, of course I am sure this is my number, but write back and say, “Yes this is my number.”

He writes back and asks, “612? That doesn’t sound real.” OY! I write back and insist this is my number. He then writes back asking what state 612 represents. I tell him Minnesota. He asks what I was doing there. I tell him that is where I am from. (Did he NOT read my profile before he accepted?) He then says he will call me later and that ends a very annoying interchange about my area code.

I do understand that I live in NYC and don’t have a mobile number beginning with 212, 917, 646, 516, 914, etc. But who makes up a phone number? Well I guess I can understand that, nasty man in a bar won’t take no for an answer – but who makes up a phone number after they contact someone on a dating site?

I hope he is not a paranoid nut or a control freak. I guess I will find out when he calls.

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