Saturday, August 27, 2011


Even though I have no idea where I am moving --- and currently my landlord does not know I am moving since I have yet to locate a notary of the public so I can have my not-going-to-renew-lease letter notarized --- I have decided to start packing. However, I cannot figure out what one little desi girl is doing with all this sh*t! 

I have a lot of books – and sh*t these things are heavy. One by one they are a friend to keep me company on the subway, but as a collective they are going break my back. I happen to have several Fresh Direct boxes, size large that are perfect for all my hard covered architecture books that I don’t really read, but have, should I want to read them – and more than that – I like their presence. The books make my home feel like home. The decorative bowls, vases, candles and photo frames – are about coping, not comfort – buying them to fill the lonely void I feel sometimes.

I pad into the bedroom and open the closet. Ugh. I don’t have that much stuff per se. I mean I have 7 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of capris, 3 suits, 8 dresses, 6 saris, 7 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of shorts, 15 skirts (okay this may be excessive) tees, tops, tanks – but they, like the books, as a collective --- add up. Oh and sweaters ...

Because I cannot deal with packing the closet, I go into the kitchen. I stop and open the hallway closet. Shoes and coats. These could be packed. I really only need to keep maybe 6 or 8 pairs aside, the other 50 (or 60) some pairs can be packed.

I shut the front hallway door and stand in the middle of the kitchen – yes – this is one room I can begin clearing out. I survey the appliances and think about what I will need – coffee maker, slow cooker, blender (I have started making smoothies every other day - 16 ounces of strawberries, one banana and 6 ounces of orange juice – yums). All the others – small chopper, medium chopper, salad spinner, hand mixer, and all the bakeware can be packed. I open the cupboards over the sink and look at the tableware. Okay – while I have downsized since moving from Minneapolis to Manhattan – I still have a considerable amount of stuff. I have 9 white wine glasses (I used to have 12 but I broke 3), 4 red wine glasses and 16 drinking glasses. I really only need one of each. I also really only need one plate, bowl and set of silverware.

Speaking of wine – I open the fridge and pour a splash of vinho verde into a wine glass and take a sip. I glance at the microwave clock. 10.27 pm. Hhhmm. Oh well – I have begin at some point – and so I begin bubble wrapping glassware.

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