Monday, September 19, 2011


“So what do you know about soundproofing?” I ask Desi Brother and file my nails.

They no longer hurt – all the rawness is gone. They are now smooth – all the ragged and jagged edges are gone. They are now all one length – so they no longer look like defective nubs. This is why I can shape them, not the perfect squares the manicurist could make, but somewhat respectable semi-circles. And I have a nice light pink polish I want to paint them.

“More than most, less than the experts. What does he want to do now?” Desi Brother asks. “He can hear the neighbor’s television through the wall. In another room he had the contractor rip the wall open and I measured - we have less than an inch – 15/16” to be exact. And 1/16” matters…I know,” I reply. “Yes, I know you know – does he that 1/16” makes a difference?” Desi Brother asks. “I think so,” I say and sigh.

“Okay so what does the wall consist of now?” Desi Brother asks. “Sheetrock. And these are old buildings that share bearing walls. And I don’t want to do anything to the structure. Too messy,” I reply. “I have some ideas. QuietRock to begin. Let’s see what thickness it comes in and go from there. I’ll call you back,” Desi Brother says and hang-up.

I put the landline back into the cradle and grab the mobile phone to send a text to Town and Country, letting him know I will have options to him later today.

Immediately, a Text from Town and Country: What is wrong?
Text from Desi Girl: What do you mean? Do you need info sooner?
Text from Town and Country: No, tonight is fine. I mean last night. You were weird. You got withdrawn and just left.
Text from Desi Girl: Was I? I must be tired from moving. (Yes, I lie to him).
Text from Town and Country: That’s it? Nothing else?
Text from Desi Girl: No. Just tired. (I mean … YES … I think I may be in love with you and since I so rarely fall for anyone – I can count on my left hand how many men I have fallen for - but it doesn’t seem like going “all girl” on him is a good idea, since he does seem to exhibit the same depth of feeling for me. And yes, maybe I should tell him that I can no longer do this because my personal and professional feelings just got all muddy. But I like the work. And I like him.)
Text from Town and Country: Ok. Good. Wanted to make sure. You’re important to me.

In what sense? Please don’t get hit by a cab because I like you. Or please don’t get hit by a cab until you research my sheetrock? Ugh.


VIC SEMBI said...

ok to be honest with you i was about to add another comment at around 7 while i was at work but was too tired. then went to the gym and got home now, so i feel refreshed.

I was actually going to say this from your last few posts it seems that T&C has been pursuing you, in a very gentle and charming manner, while you are withdrawing from him.

Dont do this, or you will screw it up. He will get the impression that you are being stand off ish.

British Desis are very British and American Desis are very American.

So we British are very understated and don't really go "All Out" "Guns Blazing" "la da di da", like the Americans do.

Him telling you that you are important means that he really needs those walls sound proofed (joke). Means that you are becoming an integral part of his life.

Oh yes, when you were talking about bearing walls etc etc to your brother, to me it actually sounded very Sexy, its nice to hear an intelligent woman sounding intelligent and not like some dumb bimbo.

Listen, I think what you are doing is great, you are not jumping in with both feet.

It seems that he is depending on you, and now he wants you to depend on him, you i.e. shall i come round and pack, he wants to be useful.

Please babes don't clam up, or you will defiantly blow your chances, just go with the flow and if he wants to come over and help, let him.

Vic Sembi

VIC SEMBI said...

I think he is genuinely concerned about you, which is sweet. I tend to find with American woman is that they start giving out this tough defensive shield which you are doing now.

maybe he likes you to be abit girly girl, i don't mean in a submissive manner but when a guy sees a girl slightly vulnerable his natural instincts kick in by being more protective.

I don't know how you are going to do this but once he sees you bringing your walls (and please don't BS me and say you don't), he will automatically bring his defensive's down.

And that's when you go in for the KILL!!!!!

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Vic Sembi -

I know I am withdrawing - I agreed with you earlier - but I do panic when I start to feel I could lose control. And you are SO right - he is not the first person I have done this to and yes men don't like this at all.

I work with some Brits they are very understated :) which is kinda appealing about them - I dont love uber bravado!

K - I am not a go with the flow girl - but clearly need to address that and work on it. Hope the gym was good!

Desi Girl

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Vic -

I would never bs you - I am not a bs-er - I am a straighter shooter. :)

Desi Girl