Thursday, September 22, 2011


Upon Desi Brother’s suggestion, I have decided to email Town and Country about his house. To have a paper trail – just in case this does not end well with me and the man-hating Contractor. The current discussion is about using Quiet Rock and green glue for the soundproofing solution.

Email from Town and Country: How did you come to the conclusion to combine these for best results?
Email from Desi Girl: Quiet Rock would be good since one piece is equivalent to 8 regular pieces of sheetrock. And if you want to affix two pieces of Quiet Rock together, Green Glue is what the manufacturer recommends. Sound won’t pass through glue.
Email from Town and Country: How much space does Green Glue need? 
Email from Desi Girl: (It’s glue! How much space does glue take? Millimeters!) According to the manufacturer -- Green Glue will have no real thickness in finished construction. With that said, Green Glue is more expensive than other glues, 3M makes an adhesive. Do you want other option adhesive options?
Email from Town and Country: There's no limit on how much I'm willing to spend. So, I want the best solution not the cheapest. My only concern is soundproofing is that I have about an inch total. And the wall is brick. But you said the board needs to be installed on something other than the brick. Maybe wood? So, there'll be space that I was thinking the glue could go in. Quietboard comes in 1/2 and 5/8 widths, I spoke to the manufacturer yesterday. They said that there's no real difference between using the 1/2 or 5/8, which surprised me. I then asked if I should use two 1/2s and they said that the second one doesn't add much. Which, again, was a surprise. I'd like to come up with the best configuration that gets the best soundproofing in about an inch.

YIKES! (1) is he mad at me? I didn’t mean to call him cheap or imply he was cheap. I just have never had a client spend so freely with no concern for budget. And my father built his company’s reputation on being the Client’s advocate, which meant making sure they got the best project for the best price (2) and why does he need me if he is going to call the manufacturer?
Email from Desi Girl: Okay sorry did not mean to upset you; I did not mean to imply you would not want the best solution, or that you were cheap. I was trying to figure out how to help you and provide the best options.

Minutes. Then hours pass by. Hhhmm. Silence. Okay, so now he is mad at me? UGH! Whatever, I mean really? I have no ulterior motive. But, fine. If I have angered him, then I have. And so I log off email for the night.

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