Friday, September 23, 2011


Hours and hours later I finally hear back from Town and Country. I am in my usual, late night resting on the couch watching the telly, when the phone alerts me to an email.

Email from Town and Country: You didn't upset me...I just want to be clear on priorities. Focusing on cost is taking us in the wrong direction.

Okay, fine. I am not going to make a Federal case about this. He is the client, even when he is wrong (which he is not) he is right. In fact, the more wrong the Client, the more right she/he is. I should just return to business rather than make him see that I was trying to help, not sabotage his project. Sometimes people want to see what they want to see.

Email from Desi Girl: Yes in regard to your last email, if all you have is brick and space then yes you will need to affix the brick to wood. One solution is to run 2x2 furring studs, vertically along the wall, every 12" on center and then affixing the Quiet Rock to the studs. Pretty standard. Any contractor worth his salt can do this. (There, take that Mr. Hates Women).

Email from Town and Country: I don't think quietrock can be affixed to brick. That's what they told me. It has to be affixed to some floating wood of some kind. I was thinking the green glue would go in the gap.

Okay. We have two things going on here. I agree – my research is not recommending affixing the board to brick. And furthermore, green glue is not a miracle substance. It is not foam insulation, where you pour it into the open space like hair mousse. It is GLUE. It adheres two things together with stickiness.

Email from Desi Girl: I am not on the computer right now. Let me look into what the affixing options are. I believe it cannot be affixed to brick and that we need some wood structure. 
Email from Town and Country: Let me speak to the contractor. I don’t want this back and forth preventing delays in ordering materials. I have the plaster on the walls being demolished now. 
Email from Desi Girl: Sounds good. Just remember that the wall is 15/16” and I can only use 7/16” for the wood system not 8/16” – these small differences need to be calculated into everything before he orders the supplies. I can use any material God has invented, just as long as it fits into the wall space of 15/16”. Okay? (OMG. I think his contractor is a moron).

Email from Town and Country: How effective is the combination of green glue and quietrock? Are these the final decision? 
Email from Desi Girl: Very effective. And yes this is what I think shd be the final decision. But I defer to you. Should you decide to go with this, then we need to figure out furring. (Why is he second guessing and re-asking things, I bet the Contractor is still at the house this late at night).
Email from Town and Country: What is furring?
Email from Desi Girl: Wood -- preferably studs --- that gets anchored into the brick wall and then the quiet board gets affixed to it.

Email from Town and Country: And then there's some quiet substance that goes on that, right? Which substance do you recommend?
Email from Desi Girl: If we can get a wood furring ie studs into the wall bc there is enough space we will nail the quietrock to the wood and we can then insulate that cavity between the quietrock and the brick. We will use the substance ie green glue if we have to affix the quietrock to a board of plywood and anchor that into the brick.
Email from Town and Country: Will sound travel through the nails if we go that route?
Email from Desi Girl: It should not.
Email from Town and Country: Can you confirm?
Email from Desi Girl: Of course. Will do in the morning.
Email from Town and Country: Thanks. G’nite girly girl.

I give up! Passive-aggressive. Hot-cold.

Email from Desi Girl: G’nite tech boy.


VIC SEMBI said...

just want to say its a good thing that he is asking you all these questions (it means that he is aware that you are an expert on these matters)

dont take his questioning style personally usually when people dont know something either they ask a 101 questions or they ask just the one (how much is it going to cost?)

I think between you and t&c its all business there is no romancing.

You should ask him out for drinks or dinner, you can say that girly girl is getting abit exhausted with this project and needs to unwind.

Even use looking at the designs as a pretense for him to come over to your place.

I have noticed that you have shut down t&c a few times lately.

firstly when he wanted to come over and help pack, and you said no.

then when he sent the text message that you were important to him, you didnt exactly respond back saying thanks or that it is nice to be appreciated. you could have said that he was important to you as well and that you enjoy it when you guys see each other.

If he calls you girly girl its his way of flirting with you and he is saying it in an endearing way. Dont call him tech boy you make him sound like some sexually dysfunctional geek, you could have replied back as "English Rudeboy" or something like that.

You are shutting him down and you are coming across very standoffish.

Dont think about it too much just crack open a bottle of wine and i'm sure t&c and you will loosen up just a little bit, to the extent that you two wont be in business mode.

nite nite

Vic Sehmbi

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Vic -

Apologies for the delay in respond - I read your note a few days back but I am catching up now!

Well that is good to know that it seems like he believes in my knowledge base - I mean I am not judging, bc I am a control freak - but he is a control freak so sometimes I wonder if he just has to have every finger in every pie.

Well this point is irrelevant now - but I do finally ask and he shoots me down :) And I hear you on the shutting down - I dont know - you are right I should chill the heck out.

Desi Girl