Thursday, December 8, 2011


I have a friend, actually two friends – they are a couple – and they are involved in politics in Minnesota. When I used to live there I was invited to a few fundraisers, one candidate even went on to be the Mayor of St. Paul, which I think is pretty cool. I am not particularly looking to come into contact with the rich and powerful, I barely notice famous people in New York. But it is great that these friends of mine are so passionate about civic change. I don’t think I am that passionate about anything.

Anyway, these same friends were involved in the Obama campaign a few years ago and they have marketing materials and Obama swag, including Obama skull caps. While I am not a skull cap type of gal, I am sure Town and Country would appreciate this.

I reach for my phone and send him a text:

Desi Girl: So I have something for you.
Immediately Town and Country writes: Oh really? What would that be?

He wishes!

Desi Girl: Not that. What I have can be mailed. Do you want me to send it to your house or office?
Town and Country: Now I am curious.
Desi Girl: Address please.
Town and Country: Home.

I set the phone aside and root through my office supplies, find a padded envelope, scribble a little note that says “enjoy”, and seal the package. I grab my purse, head to the post office, post the package and go home.

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