Monday, March 15, 2010


Around 9 pm my phone rings. It is the 39 year old management consultant originally from Delhi. I contacted him through the matrimonial site a few days ago and he sent his number, saying he would be in touch. His photos were unique. I think they were professionally done at a mall shop like Glamour Shots. The background is a beach and he’s wearing a white linen shirt and pants combo, sporting sunglasses on his forehead like a Bollywood star.

I let the phone go to voicemail (nobody tell my mother I didn’t immediately pick up when an eligible desi bachelor called). But I’m not in the mood to be witty and charming. However, I have two incarnations worth of Hindu mom guilt bubbling under the surface. And toss in the fact that I don't want to be alone forever, I make a deal. I will listen to the message. If his voice is pleasant I will return the call and fabricate some reason for missing him, like I was tossing out the trash.

Lo and behold, not only is his voice pleasant (a little American, a little Indian, and quite a bit British) it is the BEST male voice I have ever heard. It is one tone shy of deep, enough British to sound intelligent and a little bit casual American sexy.

The conversation is fluid. He tells me about his recent move and that he moves almost every year. I find this interesting. I don’t plan to move unless I find an affordable place on the Upper East Side or amass a huge pile of dollars to buy an apartment in Manhattan.

Reindeer then shares he is waiting for his bed. I am not sure if my interest should be peeked or freaked. After the ODDBs (Posts 16 and 17) and You Taste Like Chicken (Post 22), my “lewd’ meter is on high alert. I say nothing which leads Reindeer to explain that his furniture order is impending because the store is dilly dallying with delivery. He admits to being frustrated but shakes it off with a regal laugh. I can literally hear the smile in his voice. For a refreshing change (like when it’s mojito weather) I’m genuinely enjoying this “getting to know you” session.

We chat for almost 90 minutes. In which time I learn his parents and my aunt live in the same area of Delhi. In fact when Reindeer and I visit Delhi, we shop at the same markets --- Alaknanda and GK. His surname is the same as a family name on my father’s side. His father's name is my cousin's name. This NEVER HAPPENS to me, instant clicking with a man with a great voice who I have TONS in common! I’m almost giddy, thinking, believing, hoping, could my luck finally be changing?

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