Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Okay … so I neglected to mention something. When I spoke with Reindeer I did most of the talking (Meera was NOT pleased when I admitted this). And she was less pleased that he ended the call (even if he had to go to sleep). She feels he currently has all the power. (Relationship power, like trying to find a husband, are two things I am going to become obsessed with --- stay tuned).

So yes, I’m a little worried that I scared off a possible desi husband candidate. However, my wooing crimes are evidently a non-issue. Two days later Reindeer is calling to “catch-up”. Men do not call unless they are interested. Phew! Mental note to self, reign in the talking!

In this conversation Reindeer tells me he is an avid yoga fan. Yoga makes me feel like a cliché --- desi girl does yoga and then goes home to curdle her own yogurt. So I share I’m a bit of gym addict who enjoys volunteering. Because I really want Reindeer to like me, I don’t tell him about my dream. In case he wants a “professional” wife i.e. doctor, lawyer, and banker --- my writing aspirations might turn him off. I should have been more worried that I was trying to change for someone I hadn’t even met yet.

The volunteering comment leads Reindeer to reveal that he once bought a homeless man a Big Mac value meal -- evidently from the only McDonald's drive-through in Manhattan off of the West Side Highway in Harlem. Since we’re on the topic of Harlem, Reindeer asks if I have ever been to the Cold Room at Fairway Market. I say no. Reindeer says the Cold Room is SOOOOO cold that Fairway has jackets for patrons to wear. Interesting. I wonder how cold is SOOOOOO cold. After all I am from Minnesota. Then he tells me stopped drinking alcohol in January. Hhhmm. His profile didn’t say he was a teatotaller. So I probe a little and he says, he just stopped, maybe for a year, he would wait and see. Okay, I can deal with that.

At the end of the conversation, Reindeer asks if I would like to meet up next week. Since I have already made a date with the Banker on Monday, I suggest Tuesday and Reindeer agrees.

See Meera (Posts 54, 53, 35, 28, 26, 21), with dates back to back, I do know what I am doing!


Samosas for One said...

I've been to the Cold Room. It is cold and I'm from the Midwest as well so that's saying something.

Hmmm why did he stop drinking?

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Samosas for One ... I, too, am from the Midwest, i.e. Minnesota :) and man that place is cold too, so I hear ya! I do love the Cold Room tho.

He never really says why he stopped. He just said he was in India and one day just stopped to "try it out" .... strange, right?

Samosas for One said...

Yes racks of meat, fish, milk, water, what's not to love?! :)

I think his inability to speak further about it and explain his reasons behind it and the fact that he was doing it in the first place are all red flags. I mean it could have meant nothing of course, but the fact that he can't articulate why, doesn't seem to have a fully formed idea about it, and just wanted to try it out....hmmm methinks more to the story than has been revealed up to this point! :)

Man...I was rooting for Reindeer too. :(

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Samosas for One ... and the flowers you can get in the Cold Room too, are pretty and kinda funny sitting next to the bacon!

Yeah, you know ... I hear ya on the drinking thing. Then again, when people would ask me why I stopped I didn't say "oh bc they were negatively affecting my marriage stars" ... seemed like an excellent way to terrorize desi men, who are already squeamish.

So I would say "my trainer Dennis" (not a lie I had a trainer named Dennis in MN :) "and I are working on toning so I quit for 6 months". So maybe he has some similar reason ... who knows :)

Samosas for One said...

101! Bacon flower. BACON FLOWER?! From you have written on this blog about your love of bacon and your toilet flower incident...wouldn't a flower that is not from a bathroom and that smells like bacon be a way into your heart?!


101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Samosas for One ... LOL at the bacon bouquet, tho that looks a little gross ... there is nothing more divine than an BLT! (again the reason I will never be a vegetarian!).